began as a conversation between Ben Robbins ( Vocals) and Dave Pankhurst                                                 (Guitar/Vocals) in August of 2019 and quickly become something very special.

 When their previous band was looking likely that it was coming to an end, the pair set their sights on doing a brand new project.

Joining Ben and Dave was their fellow previous band member AD Walsingham (Guitar) along with one of Dave's long time friends Steve Card (Bass)  and Luke Smith (Drums)

Based in and around the Southend on Sea area of Essex and all coming from previous bands such Micrafish, Scarred By Name, Gravil, Minerva Falls and High/Low.  

The idea was to get something together and write some rock songs that would appeal to as wide an audience as possible.

Whatever style of music you are into, hard rock, alternative, metal or the like, we hope that there will be something in our songs that will catch your ear.

Heavy riffs and pounding drums are a must, but there is nothing to say these can't go hand in hand with some chilled out tracks with memorable choruses that will hopefully be resonating in  your head for quite a while.

We are very proud with what we have done so far.

Our social media presence has been acknowledged with an amazing response.

It's been amazing in this short period so far.

The first track WINTER was released 18/04/2020 to an amazing response although the track wasn't mixed due to being unable to be in the studio because of covid restrictions.

In August we released the final version followed up in September by COUNTING THE KILLERS, our second track.

The video for this was filmed by Tonivisuals at our rehearsal rooms at Mushroom studios.

October 25th we dropped our third song HEAD ABOVE WATER a charity single for sufferers of mental health.

It got a brilliant reception and the music video featured a lot of friends and family of the band,

ANOTHER SHORE was released on 1st January 2021 and was featured in the SILENT STUDIOS film ZOMBIE WARS.

The video was released with two different edits that are available on youtube.

February we joined up with US promotions company METAL COFFEE PR as well as releasing the fifth single WHISPERED TORMENT.

We are at the beginning of this journey and hope you will be part of this adventure with us.