This is a difficult one to answer because I've been to so many gigs over the years.

From watching Machine Head play their first London date, starting a pit at a Lamb of God show to standing a couple of feet away from Andy Cairns of Therapy? during an acoustic set on my birthday in London which came with the added bonus of getting Andy to autograph an old Therapy? demo cassette that I own.


David Pankhurst | Countingthekillers.com | Southend-on-Sea

This would have to be the Brixton Acacemy.

It's THE old school venue to go to in London as far as I'm concerned.

It's played host to so many bands through the years.

It looks the nuts too and 90% of the times that I have attended the venue, the sound has been amazing.

a band that you secretly like?

I wouldn't call it my secret band but as I've lowered the musical blinkers over the years, I've found myself listening to bands that I wouldn't have listened to before.

I really do like the band Manchester Orchestra. They really do have a unique sound and they have been an influence in my songwriting

musical background

David Pankhurst | Countingthekillers.com | Southend-on-Sea

Music was always played in the house by my parents when I was young but it wasn't til I was around 11 that I latched onto rock and metal and have loved it ever since.

Early Iron Maiden, Metallica, Slayer and Anthrax were the bands that made me want to pick up the guitar and later the drums.

I began playing guitar in my early teens, from my first band with a couple of school mates to playing local gigs and then later touring.

I've always wanted to write songs that I'd enjoy listening to as a fan. 

I have been in many bands over the years, and always put in 100%. Quite a few of them have been with Steve and this one is the best by far because I think it has all the right elements.

The members have a varied amount of influences and we just gel.

I always put 100% into any musical project that I'm involved with and CTK is no exception.


David Pankhurst | Countingthekillers.com | Southend-on-Sea

Hahahaha, this would have to be a gig at the Towngate Theatre in Basildon.

I was drumming in my band Mistaken Identity, and my double kick 8 piece kit (I wanted to be Lars lol) was perched on a 6 foot high drum riser and was too small for my kit to be set up properly so the only way to get it on there was to interlock all the cymbal stands.

This turned out to be a very bad move because as we began the first track and as I hit the first beat, each cymbal fell in a domino effect 6 feet to the floor below leaving me sitting there looking like a complete twat.

I picked up the stands and cymbals and carried on the gig.

favourite song by a classical artist?

This isn't so much a song more of a writer/composer and that would have to be John Williams.

I'm a massive Star Wars fan and it's a huge part of my life and I think the music is part of that magic for me too.

Also I tend to listen to Classic Fm on the way home from rehearsals of a night time to just chill me out a bit on the drive home.

a band you would like to support?


Out of all the bands that I listen to, Metallica, Slipknot, Machine Head, I'll always rank Therapy? as my number 1 band.

I've listened to T?  since the mid 90's and they just write real stuff.

Real events, they change their style from one album to the next but they just have that something that I like. The guys are awesome and I'd give my right arm to support this band one day.

best memory of a show you went to see?

Again, this is a Therapy? related answer.

I went with the family to see Therapy? play an acoustic show at the Union Chapel in London.

The last song was playing and my youngest son Daniel was on my shoulders.

As the last riff rang out, Michael Mckeegan leaned over and gave my son the setlist from the night.

My voice can also be heard on the recording that was released from that night too.


favourite chocolate bar?

Turkish Delight, Cadbury Creme Eggs and Frys Chocolate Cream.

best gig you have played?

David Pankhurst | Countingthekillers.com | Southend-on-Sea

There have been many great shows that I have been apart of. Many different reasons for each.

The Greenpark Tavern with Scarred By Name was a great gig. Headlined, was given free food and we crashed out in the pub overnight.

Playing Hammerfest in 2014, on the same bill as Kreator, Soilwork and Corrosion Of Conformity was great.

The highlight so far is probably touring the UK with Hellyeah. The gigs were pretty cool and Chad was such a nice guy too.