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Being the youngest in the band I may not have been to as many shows or as prestigious shows as the other guys. Since I was 14 I started going to live shows and over the years I have been to but for someone my age (25) I have been to A LOT! So many of the shows have been amazing and it is very difficult to decide on my best when you have been to so many. I think after every show I normally come out and say “yeah this is in the top 5” for example … Foo Fighters at London stadium in the golden circle, Lower Than Atlantis at Chinnery’s, Linkin Park at the 02 for the ‘Hunting Party’ tour or even the Farewell show for Madina Lake at the London garage. However, there will ALWAYS be one show that will stand out … I must at first go back to when I was about 6 years old. I had just got home from school to find out that the family were going to be going up to London for the evening, only when we got there my parents then told my brother and I that in fact we were going to see “Steely Dan” and the Hammersmith. Having grown up listening to them thanks to my parents they have always been one of those bands I listen too. On that tour, they had their BEST line up of musicians one of which was guitarist Walter Becker. In 2017 I found out that Steely Dan were going to be back in the UK to play Blues fest with ‘The Doobie Brothers’ supporting them. Needless to say, the family had to go and we did … a couple of weeks before the show the awful news that that great Walter Becker had died. With that we expected the show to be cancelled, however it was not. They all came out and played every song you could think of by them. The entire way through the set they were telling stories and sharing memories of Walter Becker, this was made more prominent by them having a microphone stand on stage where he would be and a constant spotlight over the stand as their own little homage and tribute to an amazing friend and guitarist. That show would have to be the best I have been to. 


Most people answer this question the same and go for something like Wembley, The 02 places like that. For me though there has always been one venue I love going to and seeing bands play at and dream of playing … The Camden Roundhouse. Every time I get to see bands at this venue I can’t help but want to be on that stage to see how an old train shed looks from that point of view. Yes the architecture you can see from anywhere in the building is amazing but to see the room from on stage with a sea of people in front of you on the floor and then the seating around the 270 degree balcony would be amazing to see. Yeah I get that places like the 02 are more impressive in scale but at the round house you can see everyone’s faces and see the emotion that your music would hopefully be giving them and the joy of it as well. Things like that you just can’t get in the massive stadiums.

Luke Smith | | Southend-on-Sea


All my friends know that I can listen to ANY type of music and enjoy it. If I had to be honest about it then well … Busted! I can’t help but love their music, especially as they are from Essex!! 


Well being young,  people may not expect such an extensive background but … when I was in primary school I had a lot of anger problems and from that I was pointed towards the drums ever since that first lesson I was hooked and couldn’t stop wanting to play and progress more. I have been playing drums since I was 9/10 years old and am still going strong. The strange thing that people get confused by is that when I first started playing I fell in love with funk! And that’s the grooves and path I followed for a long time it was only when I started getting older and listening to more rock/metal music that I started to branch out into a load more styles. Alongside drums I decided I wanted to play Bass and Guitar, drums have always been the main instrument but learning those just made me progress even more. After taking music for my GCSE options I felt like the only direction I wanted to go was that way so I then went to college to study music performance production and composition. All the way through that course I fell in love with every side of music. At school, I was always told that due to my dyslexia (ironic I know how to spell it) I wouldn’t every got to university, so what did I do … yep prove all my teachers WRONG!! I graduated university in 2016 and now have a BAhons degree in Music performance composition and production. Through all of this time at college and university I had been in bands or had projects on the go (could probably name them all but I wont). With that my playing and composition was just constantly improving. Within my family there was only one other person who was musical and talented at it and that was my grandad. He was a very well-known church organist and pianist within the Rochford/Southend area of Essex. Unfortunately, he passed away in 2009 before I really started to get into my playing of music. With that and it may sound a little depressing and all that but really the one person who I really would have wanted to see how far I have come since I started can-not witness or watch me perform on stage in person but who knows … he may be watching from somewhere. 


Luke Smith | | Southend-on-Sea

Hmmm this is a good one … a few years back in an old band of mine I fucked up big time. Let me set the scene, we had been gigging 1 set A LOT and the order of songs was always the same so basically it just became muscle memory. On this show, we decided to change the order around a bit, rehearsals of it went extremely well so we committed to the set order. We were playing at Chinnery’s and there were quite a few people as well, so the boys started the next song and my muscle memory just kicks in. This is where things start to go wrong … Next thing I notice is both my front man and guitarist turn around look and me like “WTF are you doing” … let me explain why, imagen playing in a normal time signature of 4/4, sounds great when everyone is doing the same thing right? I on the other hand was playing a COMPLETELY DIFFERENT time signature!! So I was playing a 3/4 over a 4/4 which yes does work but. I was playing the completely WRONG SONG as well!! So in the end we stopped playing laughed and then started again … this time it went Perfectly.


This is a very difficult one as I like a lot of classical music but I think I would have to choose “Chopin Prelude No 4 In E Minor, Op 28” extremely precise I know. This will always be a favourite of mine as I remember as a child sitting in my grandad’s piano room listening to him play it with so much emotion.


God there are SO many I’d love to support so I will just list a few …
Foo Fighters

Enter Shikari
Madina Lake

Mumford And Sons


This is a very special gig to myself and a couple friends who I shared it with. In another band of mine our manager is the head of security and tour manager for Gorillaz! In 2018 they were playing their very first open air show in Dublin at the Mallhide Castle to which he had invited myself and the band to go to VIP (they didn’t fancy it so I took a couple friends instead). Anyway, we went and just had the most amazing time jumping around watching them play to and 80k plus crowd. After the show my manager called me and said he was going to get us and bring us round to the after party around the back of the stage. We got around there and ‘De La Soul’ are DJing and so many famous musicians/people were there just having a great time. My manager tells me that he will introduce me to the band starting with Seye (bassist) and then Gabriel (drummer) … I had met the front man Damon Alban the year before again VIP this time at their comeback show at Brixton. So having spent about 45 minutes talking to Seye he then goes to talk to some other people (which of course I didn’t mind as he just was talking to a no one really LOL). At this point my manager walks up to me and hands me a pair of sticks and says these as Gabes sticks he played with tonight he said you could have them, to which I was amazed by but it just gets better. 5 minutes later (sticks in my bag at this point) out of nowhere I get a tap on the shoulder so I turn around to see Gabe standing in front of me and the first words out of his mouth were “Hey man, aint you Luke Danny’s drummer yeah?” to which inside I was jumping up and down and having a fan girl moment as he knew who I was. Obviously, I say yeah and we then have a great chat about the show, drums in general and also my band’s music to which he had listened too and really enjoyed as well. To top the evening off after kick out time (12pm) my manager pulled myself and friends aside and said to the staff kicking everyone out its cool they can stay. So we did, had a few drinks with the crew and ended up having to break out of the venue as it was all locked up and then also the park as well at 4am ... Will always be stuck in my memory that night.

Luke Smith | | Southend-on-Sea


I’m not really a massive Chocolate fan but if I had to eat one then it would be “Green And Blacks White Chocolate”


This show happened in 2019. A band I play with had a Closing festival mainstage headline slot at a small festival in Dartmouth. We had played there before 2 years prior and loved every minute of it even being on a small side stage. This year was on another level, we went on stage around 8pm and had an hour and 45 minute set. Around 20 mins through we were worried as there wasn’t a massive number of people there but of course you keep going. 15 minutes later there must have been around 5000 people all dancing and singing along to our songs. The further through the set we got the more fun we had and during one of our final songs we just let the crowd sing the chorus back to us. Words can’t describe what it feels like to have that many people singing one of your songs back too you!