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We released our 5th single ANOTHER SHORE in January and it quickly became a regular submission on Spotify playlists everywhere.

Although we wanted to release the video at the same time, this wasn't to be as due to lockdown going on at the time.

We overcame this by filming our own sepearate footage in our houses, in our sheds or where we could to get this video out.

The result can be found right here....ANOTHER SHORE

We have since released another version which we call the ZOMBIE WAR EDIT.

This features lots of footage from the SILENT STUDIOS film ZOMBIE WARS (available on AMAZON PRIME)

We are working closely with the company on the next horror movie which is called THE HOUSE THAT ZOMBIES BUILT and will have some music featured.

SILENT STUDIOS are currently looking for donations to help the production.

If you wanna help out then please get involved and donate here.....HERE

Also check out this video from one of the cast, we are sure you may recognise him from THE HUMAN CENTIPEDE 2.

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