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Yes, we have been pretty quiet on here of late.

Well where the hell do we start?

The end of the year 2020 didn't really seem like a celebration of ends and new beginnings really did it.

New years resolutions?

To go back to some kind of normalitiy would be nice wouldn't it?

We all knew that when the clock struck midnight on the last day of December the next day wouldn't be any different.

The ongoing battle that we are facing everyday seems relentless and people are dropping left, right and centre.

Even CTK have suffered members catching this horrible illness.

We ALL want it to stop and the sooner the better.

As a band, we want to be able to hit the stage and blast out our music to you all.

The frustration that we haven't played a gig is overwhelming like you wouldn't believe.

The atmosphere of a gig, rubbing shoulders with the person next to you and jumping around like loons to some loud heavy music while trying not to spill your pint seems so far away.

Anyway, we all know the state of the world right now so lets give you some CTK news...

ANOTHER SHORE was released on 1st January 2021 and is the 4th track taken from our e.p HIDDEN IN THE OPEN.

The song is a high tempo riff driven track and is a song that we cannot wait to play live!!!

This track was quickly picked up in December by SILENT STUDIOS and featured in their latest horror release ZOMBIE WARS.

This is an anthology of short zombie stories available on AMAZON PRIME NOW!!!

We are currently working closely the production company on future projects.

By the way check out the movie for a quick glimpse of our boy Pankhurst in one of the stories

The plan was for us to have a music video to coincide with the movie release but due to illness and the whole lock down in the Uk happening, we were unable to shoot the music video as planned.

We are now beginning to film and edit together some new footage for ANOTHER SHORE and hopefully the music video will be out soon.

Please bare with us, support each other and stay safe.


Ben, Steve, Luke, AD and Dave

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