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As the pandemic sweeps across the world faster than a shopper down the toilet roll aisle in ASDA,

We are happy to announce that our first video is finished.

It seemed very unlikely that our songs were gonna see the light of day any time soon due to... well you know.

This meant that we had a video but no music. which sucks big time!!!!!!

WE didn't want to rush to put anything out but we still don't know how much longer our lives will be affected by being in a lock down and isolating ourselves away.

It's been bad enough that our gigs are slowly being postponed and cancelled but to not have any songs out yet is a real kick in the nuts for us.

We felt that we needed to get some music out to you guys as soon as we could.

This is for you and for us because its so frustrating knowing we are so close with our tracks and watching other bands put stuff out feels like we are being left behind.

So after a serious chat and after listening to our songs a few times, we have decided to put out the track we originally intended to as we really wanted to kinda stick with our original plan as much as we could.

The track is called WINTER and we have dubbed it the (COVID ISOLATION MIX)

It's not the finished product as how we intended but it is very close to the final mix of the track.

The track will be out soon and we will keep you posted on our social media pages over the next couple of weeks.

Thank you for your patience and please stay safe.

Ben, AD, Steve, Dave, Luke


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