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We have begun work on the third COUNTING THE KILLERS video.

This next song is a personal song from Dave about mental health and having first hand experience in dealing with it.

As October is mental health awareness month it seemed like the right time for this songs release.

"This song is something that I'm really proud of, it's a bit of a departure from what people expect me to write but I felt that I needed to put this down and share it.

It deals with all aspects of depression from the thoughts to the situations and ways out.

Ways to end it all, but knowing its not the right thing to do.

Asking for help is hard but at the end of the day it is always right road to recovery.

I brought it to the band and they instantly knew it had to be a very simplistic track and it hasn't really changed that much from the initial idea I had.

This is called HEAD ABOVE WATER."

For this video we would love to extend an invitation to YOU to have a small part in this new music video.

Do you suffer with depression, anxiety, suicidal thoughts.

Have you beaten the black dog into submission?

Are you working your way through it day to day?

Wherever you are in this life long journey we want you to be apart of this video

All we ask is that you do the following....

1. Film yourself (turn phone on its side to horizontal)

2. Keep eyes shut for 5 seconds then open them looking straight into the camera.

3. Email your footage to

4. Open to submissions til 24th October

Watch the vid of Dave for position of camera etc..

Everyone that enters will recieve a digital copy of the track from our website and will have their name at the end of the video as a thank you too.

We really look forward to seeing your footage.

Dave, Ben, Ad, Steve, Luke


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