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So, with things returning to some sort of normality, we're back in the studio!

What a great feeling it is to enter Mushroom Studios again, and even better finding out the prolonged absence hasn't affected us too much. We're already working on new tracks.

The E.P. is almost finished, the final mixes are done thanks top Dave Merry at Bleeding Ear Studios doing what he does but all through social media. Not the easiest thing to do but we've made it work. We will be bringing these to you very soon, thank you for your patience.

More great news, we're preparing to record a video for our single. We're not going to tell you which song it is as we're cheeky like that, but rest assured, we think you'll be blown away.

A big thank you to everyone who have been buying our merchandise, we're putting new designs up all the time so keep checking back to take a look.

Stay safe people!

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