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You may have seen on social media over the last week that we have a brand new track doing the rounds on the airwaves.

COUNTING THE KILLERS is the second track from our e.p "Hidden In The Open" and we believe that this song captures the CTK sound in a nutshell.

We are delighted with the response and the amount of staions and Dj's that have already played the song.... Spain, Italy, Australia and all over the Uk.

We can't thank you enough!

Before we release the song properly we wanted to give the song some airplay. When we feel the time is right we will put it out on BANDCAMP and quite possibly through WWW.ROYALTENCLOTHING.COM which is also now housing our merchandise.

Go check out the site and grab a piece of scarewear.

Check out another teaser for COUNTING THE KILLERS right here!

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