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MARCH 8TH 2020

We have spent so much time writing, rehearsing and perfecting these songs in the studio and to get to record them has been such a brilliant experience.

The five of us have just gelled so well and so quickly that it's been absolutely brilliant.

Each step of the recording process we have pushed each other into putting in the best performance that we could, even if it meant punching the camera to get out the frustration.

If it helps it helps.

The experience has been made all the better by Dave Merry of Bleeding Ear too.

He has definitely pushed us into putting in more effort on each take of a track or suggesting something on a track that we may not have even given a second thought about.

If something sounds like it isn't going to work he wont hold back which is refreshing and saves time overall.

Our time in the studio is now coming to an end as we are now at the beginning of the mixing process.

This is a great time to be at Bleeding Ear.

Dave has even sat us down during the mixing process and talked us through the whole process from the beginning, explaining what different frequencies can do within a song.

its really been a great experience.

With 17 years of recording and sound engineering experience under his belt we couldn't be in better hands for this, our first studio outing as CTK.

This is the fun part of the song making process.

Hearing a track being built from the ground up gives you such a good feeling.

Knowing that you have created from scratch, from your own mind and imagination, something that hopefully everyone is going to listen to and think....Shit, that is good!

We are so proud with the tracks so far and we even get to play around with them a little bit more, not the structures but sonic-ally, what part of the song needs a boost or in which speaker a certain guitar part should be heard in.

We sat down with the tracks to determine what should be the first track to release.

We didn't want to give anything away too quickly but this was a pretty easy decision to make as we are all on the same page.

It was a no brainer for the first track.

What we have is something that we hope you are going to enjoy listening to.

The first song isn't too far away from completion.

Stay tuned.......


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