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What a strange year this has been...

It's been a weird one for sure.

We thought we would have been gigging our arses off by now.

Although we couldn't take to the stage, your support for the band has been so brilliant.

We wanted to write, rehearse and record our material before any gigging took place.

Lots of bands tend to play gigs before they go into a studio.

We knew that we could take to the stage and blast out anything but it had to be 100% concrete before we did that.

Each song was ripped apart and stitched together until we had the final version of them.

When we recorded, there were still little bits that needed refreshing and when recording, these overdubs or embellishments made the songs shine.

March was the end of our time in the studio due to the whole world turning into a bag of shite, and the with the UK on lock down we knew we wouldn't be returning to the recording environment any time soon.

In April we decided to put out our first mix of which was already intended to be the first single, WINTER.

We use that term "mix" very very loosely.

We just wanted to share with you what we had been working on in the studio and because we had no idea of how long it was going to be before things returned to "normal".

fast forward 4 months to August 2020 and after countless messages back and fourth between the band and Dave Merry, who we must say has worked his absolute butt off doing this for us, especially with the amount of changes we had brought up for the mixing.

We can finally say, here is the final mix of our debut track WINTER.

To download the track please go to either our own WINTER page right here on our website or our BANDCAMP page.

We wanted to make this track available exclusively on our pages first, rather than throwing it away on streaming sites straight away.

Each download benefits the band rather than filling the pockets of Mr. Spotify.

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