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First of all, thanks to everyone that has already shown an interest in the Royal Ten clothing range in our shop.

Please be patient when ordering anything from our shop as it may take a little longer than usual to receive your items.

We are slowly releasing each band members bio over the last couple of weeks, go check em out.

We've already done AD and Ben, this Saturday its Dave's turn.

Our single WINTER has been out for a little while, its had a great response so far and we please ask you to keep sharing our Youtube vid..

Our SPOTIFY page is getting a few more plays which is awesome which means our track is getting out there a little more which is awesome!

Don't forget you can download the track from our website which means the cost goes straight to us and nobody else, plus you get a free wallpaper with it too.

The e.p.......

We have had a listen to some more mixes recently which has given the band a bit of a boost and we can't wait to get the tracks finished.

We want to make sure this is exactly how we want it to sound so we will have been mulling over and it and writing down the changes we want to make to it.

We want to be meticulous with it as its gonna be our first full recording and expect another version of WINTER too.

Stay safe and enjoy your DOWNLOAD weekend!


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