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Previously running out of time on the last session, we begin with some more guitars.

AD puts down one of the most complicated tracks.

So many parts to this track (demo title Creek) that it nearly didn't make it to the list of songs to record.

After a couple of takes, AD was done.

Today we wanted to use the time wisely by getting as much done of everything as possible.

Ben took his place in the vocal booth and sung his heart out and smashed it.

Even after Dave had rewritten the lyrics to a track completely, Ben done the song proud.

Next up to do vocals is Dave, lots of backing singing on the tracks with the odd heavy vocal here and there.

The songs are sounding better and better.

The last thing to do today is to put in a few overdubs to enhance certain parts of the songs.

Some clean guitar, a heavy guitar part and not forgetting the piano.

Oh did we mention the piano?

We got our producer Dave to play piano on a track.

Believe us, its going to sound brilliant.

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