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Captains date.......18th February 2020

AD was due to hit the studio today and record some guitar but we beileve he may have contracted the coronavirus or had a dodgy burger, either way he couldn't make it.

Instead our main man Ben Robbins stepped up and played some mean guitar on one of the tracks.

The time in the studio was made better by the delivery of Domino pizza ( Which Dave fed to Ben as he laid down some sexy solos.

while we are recording at Bleeding Ear, Dave and Ben have been meeting up regularly at our rehearsal space at Mushroom studios to go over vocal parts, lyrics and basically to fine tune the songs over a couple of hours.

This has been working out really well because it means we also get time to have a pint afterwards.

We always try to use our time in the studio to our advantage and thought it would be an ideal time to start some of the vocals.

Ben smashed his way through two of the tracks before it was time to leave.

Amazing voice. if we do say so ourselves.

Ben you rock!!!

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