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When it comes to music, its so damn easy just to stream your favourite band or download a track to your very own playlist.

Everyone does it.

We do it because its simple and makes sense nowadays.

If the technology is there and then not use it?

On the flip side of this you have the music fan that is into the physical side of the music release.

There really is nothing better than sitting down with the lyrics or scanning your eyes over the artwork.

( who used to look for Derek Riggs signiture logo on the Iron Maiden albums? )

Be it a CD or a vinyl or even old school tape cassette.

Yes, people still buy cassettes and according to the British Phonographic Industry, last year a staggering 50,000 cassette albums were sold and we know the vinyl boom is still in full swing.

Who doesn't love a vinyl?

Anyway, we released our own track last Saturday on our website as a download ( ) and also on pretty much every download and streaming service out there.

We also wanted to have a physical release so as of today you can get your hands on WINTER as a 2 track CD single.

Yep 2 tracks.

The extra track will only be made available with this release and WILL not be released on any other format.

This is £3.50 and thats it.

Paypal or credit card, totally up to you

It's a bit early for vinyl as yet, but who knows eh?

Take care and stay safe!!!!!


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