"Counting The Killers delivers a sound that truly does justice to the legacy of hard rock".

"Intense, Energetic".

"The melody of FEEDER with the twists and turns of SLIPKNOT". 8/10


“A witches brew consisting of equal parts Skid Row, The Cult, and The Offspring”

"Out of Essex, Southend On Sea, UK rock band COUNTING THE KILLERS formed in late August 2019, with the intention to write and record a collection of songs that would appeal to hard rock and alternative metal fans. I consider myself more of a hardrock fan than alternative fan, but either way you want to slice this music, I think they succeeded in their endeavor.

With recording and mixing sessions being interrupted by the first lockdown in March 2020, and the band’s gigs cancelled, they set their sights on releasing the 6 tracks over a long period, “almost drip feeding tracks” to quote the band. It’s a successful strategy several bands employed over the year, and again, I think it met the goal of keeping new music going out to the fans who had little or no other way to interact with their favorite musicians.

For my purposes here, with ~WINTER~, ~COUNTING THE KILLERS~, ~HEAD ABOVE WATER~, and ~ANOTHER SHORE~ all being released, there is plenty of material out there for you guys to check out, so this is more of a heads up than anything, go give em an ear. I listen to altrock music from time to time, more concerned with finding good rock than genres, but I am still not sure what group these guys fit in to, so for me that is a plus. Their listed influences are quite eclectic, with names like Fightstar, Therapy?, Slash, Slipknot, Shinedown, Feeder, Periphery, Staind and Machine Head floating around, although none of those really describe their sound. Sure it’s alt, and it is certainly hard, but there are even some post punk flavors in there at times. When I say post punk, I am referring to bands like The Offspring and/or Green Day. Ben’s voice has that punky quality IMO, although his tone and cadence are completely different. David’s guitars are what make the music hard rock, so the dynamic between the two is what makes it unique IMO. So what’s so good about these guys that I had to sit down and write? Glad I asked, lets get into it.

~Counting The Killers~ is probably the best track to demonstrate what I am talking about, and also my favorite song on the EP. I put it up Saturday so take a sec and check it out; it will tell you more than I could with 1000 words. ~Winter~ is another fav, a little slower tempo, has a bit of a Cult feeling to me. This is one of the songs that help show this band’s range, and why I find it difficult to fit them into a single box. ~Another Shore~ has more of a crunchy guitar and a Skid Row type ~Youth Gone Wild~ drum opening, all that’s missing here is the “roll it” before the hammer drops. Another of those tweener songs, which is hard rock, and alt rock, and post punk, while being none of them exclusively. I put it up this weekend as well, so do yourself a favor and take the time.

~Whispered Torment~ is one of the sway songs. It’s hard rock and alt rock, both at the same time. The rhythm guitar wants to be hard, but the plucking guitar accents and the vocals are alt rock all day. They somehow do both at the same time, and it works. ~Royal 10~ is more punky to me, with the vocal tones and the hammering, sawing guitar, ~Head Above Water~ is another with a slower, strumming acoustic opening the eventually devolves into a hard rock slammer, and gives us probably my favorite solo on the EP.

So there you have it. I make my living going back and forth between the hard rock and southern rock that permeates the southeast US where I live, but I like to throw these curveballs at you guys everyone once in a while just to make sure you’re paying attention. It is not uncommon here in the Baton Rouge/New Orleans/Lafayette area to have an altrock band opening for a hard rock band, or an outdoor festival type setting that has them all randomly mixed in, so I think several of my local readers will dig these guys. Is it rock? Sure. Is this alt? Probably. Call it whatever you want, but it is a witches brew consisting of equal parts Skid Row, The Cult and The Offspring that can be down right addicting, so sample at your own risk."